<h3> Catering / Party Trays</h3>
<p>If you decide to have a party,   the biggest question often is “How will I feed all my guests?”. The answer is simple – <strong>we can cater the party for you!</strong> Besides saving money, you will likely receive tons of compliments from your guests. Visit our store to find out how you can make your next gathering a hit! Deli trays, appetizer trays, and vegetable trays are available.
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Rewards Program

Our card is used for different promotions throughout the year. Special signs at each checkout indicate the current promotion.Unlike some of our competitors’ cards, you will always receive our sale prices… with or without our card! Our card rewards you with cash or prizes (depending on the promotion) just for shopping at our store.

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Not only do we provide everything for your grocery needs, but also provide the following services

Postage Stamps

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Michigan Lottery

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